The Nature of Necessity

Poetry of Meg Falconer

Boys will be boys.

This post originally appeared October 2016 on A Questionable Method - my personal blog which is now private.  My experience and memory of being a girl growing up and becoming a young woman, was one of gender-role navigation. I was ripe... Continue Reading →


His magic was not momentary.

** Author note, this is deeply personal. It also jumps between tenses appallingly. But it is written without too much over-thinking .   Feel free to pass with a TL;DR" ** A few days ago, partly on a whim, partly... Continue Reading →


Gritted teeth, and you are the grit. stuck, fast, like plaque Plaguing.  Plausible. A permanency. What is it that wraps around my shoulders and over my belly It is not the comfort I seek. The union I would crave But... Continue Reading →


I am wide open Not broken. Blue dress and bob-cut Trying to speak through time and travels I left the door ajar But I can never walk through it I am wide open Lying prostrate Warm next to him Skin... Continue Reading →

The passing of time The gruelling consequences of age and inhibition. Dancing with the wolves on the street strewn with silver pieces. I've waited, yet the answer is often too evasive. Be free and dance, but keep your center of gravity... Continue Reading →

The adventure jar

  Reaching into my pockets I find only feathers There is dust on my mantle and an echo of china every time the earth shakes The little girl still lives in this house, calling out for a better tiara and a... Continue Reading →


The giggle of the girls left the ghosts in the hallway bereft Deprived of mention, they were purposeless   The laughter of the women sent grief on a prolonged sabbatical It's presence, suddenly superfluous. Healing and hope Forming lifelines Did you hear the sound?... Continue Reading →


  There are days filled with light in abundance Mornings of cicada song and fingers of sunshine wrapping around the window panes Tapping at the key holes, beckoning to be let in. There are street noises and rumblings, yes I... Continue Reading →


Lightly, Briefly, Honestly Catching you Lest you do not trust the ground.

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