The Nature of Necessity

Poetry of Meg Falconer


January 2016


Lightly, Briefly, Honestly Catching you Lest you do not trust the ground.



Where were you all this time? In my mind? For I fear I have fleeting memories and faded, at that.


You are primary colours I am the shades between. You are known and referred to My inky indigo is a gamble for the palette You are immediate, the forefront of a child's initial recollection I am an invention An afterthought... Continue Reading →

The sun rises in the cooled air It whispers at me to rouse My head is heavy and hair is licking at the sides of┬ámy face. Waking I reach for my periscope And just like this I glimpse the day... Continue Reading →


She is a canyon. There is majestic depth and cavernous mystery in her earth The wind provides a circumambient concerto of relentless notes with intentional force, shielding her from being permeated by continuous debris Were the wind to cease, the... Continue Reading →

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